Next Day Delivery Desks & Tops : Fast, Reliable & Convenient

At Savv-e, we understand that when you place an order, you want to receive it as quickly as possible.  That's why we offer next day delivery desks and tops - a service designed to ensure that your products reach you swiftly and efficiently.  

What are the benefits of Next Day Delivery?

  1. Super-Fast Delivery Providing your order is placed before 2.00 p.m., it will be processed, packaged, and dispatched promptly, ready to be delivered to you on the next working day. No more waiting for days or even weeks to receive your items. 
  2. Time-Saving Convenience We understand the importance of time in our fast-paced world.  By offering this service, we eliminate unnecessary delays, allowing you to receive your order quickly and efficiently.
  3. Reliable Service We take great pride in our commitment to reliability.  Not only is your order dispatched promptly, you receive a Tracking Reference, enabling you to track the progress of your order until it arrives on your doorstep.  In the unlikely event that your order is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, you won't be kept in the dark.  We will keep you fully updated should an issue arise.  We will never leave you wondering where you order is.
  4. Peace of Mind You can rest easy knowing that your order will be on its way without unnecessary delays.  

When may my order not be subject to Next Day Delivery?

If you are ordering a non-stock item such as a bespoke desk top or one of our made-to-order desks (e.g. Huddle meeting desk), then your order won't be dispatched until the desk top has been made.  Under these circumstances, your order will be dispatched in around 2-3 weeks.  You will receive notification from us, by email, to confirm that your order is on its way.

What if I don't want Next Day Delivery?

Don't worry, we have got you covered.  We are happy to hold your order and arrange a more convenient delivery date for you.  Refer to our Delivery information and then add a note in your CART page advising when you would like to receive your order. 

Fast and efficient next day delivery - now that's Savv-e.

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