Which Infrared Panel Heater? The Different Types Explained

There are many different ways to provide infrared heating. The one that is right for you will depend on where and how it is used. For example, use classic white panels to keep your purchase costs down (and maybe ceiling mount to make them unobtrusive). Solis wifi or Nxt Gen panels provide higher levels of functionality. Consider picture or glass panel to make a statement in heavily used rooms (e.g. living room or kitchen). Mirrored panels work great in bathrooms (and prevent misting) and also in hallways or bedrooms where the mirror is of use. 


Quartz Glass Infrared Heating

Stylish frosted glass panels - available in black or white. Use for extra impact where the panel is in a prominent position.  


Infrared Heated Mirror

Square, round or rectangle. Also available as LED backlit. Great for bathrooms (heating ensures the mirror won't mist up) & also  a great, functional addition to your heating in other rooms. 


Picture Infrared Heating

Who knew that was a heating panel? Available in a huge range of images. We'll also be adding the option to use your own pictures shortly. 


Classic White Infrared Panels

Plain white panels coated with a premium FIR coating & discrete corner LED power-on indicator. Use with a separate thermostat or timer to turn these on and off as needed.


Next Gen White Infrared Panels

Use the latest Nxt Gen technology to increase efficiency. Thermostatically controlled, adaptive start, 7 day programmer, remote control and will even switch off if you open a window!


Wifi Infrared Heating Panels

Nexus panels provide remote wi-fi control for your heating through the Smart Life App. Change the temperature and control your heating from your phone - anywhere in the world. Never return to a cold house again! 

Energy Efficient

Uses up to 60% less energy than a traditional convection radiator & much more controllable

Money Smart

Up to 60% cost saving compared to electric convection heaters

Healthier Natural Heat

Infrared is a natural occurring form of radiant heat and doesn't circulate dust aggravating allergies

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional boilers - no servicing required 

Ways to Mount your Infrared Heating Panel

There is a choice of ways to mount your infrared panels. Which is best will depend on the situation in which they are being used and the panel type. 


Wall Mounted

Use the simple supplied template to mark holes, drill, insert screws and mount your panel. 


Ceiling Mounted

Using ceiling hanging kit


Free Standing

For the lighter panels (Nxt Gen, Solis, Classic), use heater stands

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