Looking for How to Heat Your Garden Office?

Infrared Heating Panels May Offer the Ideal Solution

Infrared heating panels are highly controllable leading to greater energy efficiency

Energy Efficient

Up to 60% less energy

Infrared heating panels can save you up to 60% on your heating bills

Money Smart

Up to 60% cost saving

Infrared is a natural healthy heat

Healthy Heat

Natural radiant heat

Infrared heating does not need an annual service

No Servicing

Maintenance free

As the trend of working remotely continues to grow, many individuals are opting for garden offices as a peaceful and productive workspace.  However, maintaining a comfortable temperature in these outdoor workspaces can be challenging, especially during colder months.  One effective and energy-efficient solution is using infrared heating.  Here we explore the benefits of infrared heating and guide you on how to heat your garden office using this innovative technology.


Understanding Infrared Heating

Infrared heating works by emitting infrared rays that directly heat objects and surface within its range.  Unlike traditional convection heaters, which warm the air around them, infrared heaters offer instant heat without wasting energy on unnecessary air heating.  This feature makes them an ideal choice for heating garden offices, as they efficiently warm up your workspace without causing temperature fluctuations or consuming excess electricity.


Benefits of Infrared Heating for your Garden Office

  1. Instant Heat  

    Infrared heaters provide rapid and direct warmth, ensuring you can step into your garden office and start working comfortably without waiting for the space to heat up.
  2. Energy Efficient  

    Since infrared heaters heat objects rather than the air, they are more energy-efficient, resulting in cost savings on your energy bills.
  3. Silent Operation  

    Unlike traditional heaters that can be noisy, infrared heaters operate silently, maintaining a peaceful and distraction-free work environment.
  4. Zone Heating  

    Infrared heaters allow you to heat specific areas, making them an efficient choice for small garden offices where you only need to heat the occupied space.
  5. Eco-Friendly  

    Infrared heating produces no greenhouse gases and reduces energy wastage, making it an eco-friendly heating option for your garden office. 
  6. Thermostatically Controlled & Wi-fi Enabled

    With integrated programmable thermostats you can regulate the temperature and set the time they turn on and off according to your working hours, saving energy whilst ensuring your garden office is comfortably warm when you need it.
  7. Low Maintenance

    Unlike conventional heating, Infrared Panel Heaters do not require regular servicing and maintenance.
  8. Healthier Heating

    Infrared heating does not circulate dust or allergens like some conventional heaters.  This can be beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory problems.


Useful Tips

Assess Your Heating Needs

Begin by assessing the size of your garden office and your specific heating requirements.  This will help you determine the appropriate wattage and number of infrared panel heaters needed for efficient heating.  More information on calculating the wattage required can be found here

✨ Positioning of Infrared Panel Heaters  

Panel heaters can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted or placed on stands on the floor.  Wall or ceiling mounted panels are excellent options for garden offices as they keep the floor space clear while providing optimal heat distribution.


Ensuring the walls, windows and doors of your garden office are well insulated will make a difference to the wattage required and ultimately save you money and increase the efficiency of your panel heaters.


Types of Infrared Heating Panels

The choice is yours.  Infrared Panels Heaters are available in a variety of different types:

  • Image panels (Pictures) - these are designed to resemble pictures, offering a wide selection to suit your preferences.  With numerous options available, you will have plenty of choice to customise your office and showcase your personality, hobbies, or seamlessly blend them in with your existing décor.

Infrared Picture Panel Heater Maldives Twilight

  • Plain Panels - these plain white panel heaters can be easily utilised on walls or ceilings, making them a superb option if you prefer to maintain a clean and minimalist workspace.

Plain Infrared Heating Panel with White Frame

  • Mirror Panels - these heaters offer a combination of practicality and aesthetic charm, serving a dual purpose by providing warmth to your office whilst functioning as a conventional mirror.

 Mirror Infrared Heating Panel


  • Glass Panels - Great for a modern office, these panels provide a minimalist yet classy feel.  Available in Premium Black or White Frosted Glass they will make an impression in your office.

Glass Heater Panel - Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panel in Black

Heating your garden office with infrared panel heaters offers numerous advantages, from energy efficiency and instant heat to silent operation and space-saving design.  By choosing to heat your garden office with infrared panel heaters, you can create a warm, comfortable, and eco-friendly workspace.

Energy saving and eco-friendly - now that's Savv-e

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