Due to the varying sizes of Infrared Panel Heaters there are some minimum requirements that your image needs to meet before sending it to us for printing.

Dots per Inch (DPI)

DPI serves as an indicator of image quality, with a higher value indicating higher quality.  It quantifies the density of dots or pixels per inch within your image.


Pixels are the tiny dots that any digital image is comprised of.  They determine the size of your image.  Much like DPI, an increased pixel count equates to a larger image.

It is important to note that having a high DPI and a high pixel count does not automatically imply superior image quality.

What Quality Does My Image Need To Be?

For each panel size we sell, there is a recommended pixel count as the table below indicates:

Panel Size Recommended Pixel Count (at 72 DPI) Recommended Pixel Count (at 300 DPI)

300mmx1200mm 350W Ultra-Slim

850 x 3402 3543 x 14173
600mmx600mm 350W 1701 x 1701 7087 x 7087
600mmx1000mm 580W 1701 x 2835 7087 x 11811
600mmx1200mm 700W 1701 x 3402 7087 x 14173
800mmx1200mm 900W 2268 x 3402 9449 x 14173
1000mmx1200mm 1200W 2835 x 3402 11811 x 14173


A high quality image should reflect sharpness, clarity, and lots of detail, without any blurriness or pixelation.


How Can You Check Your Image Quality? 

For Windows

1. Right click on the image thumbnail. 

2. Select 'Properties' from the menu that appears

3. Select the details tab

4. Read the dimensions and DPI shown and compare to the above table. 

For Mac

1. Right click on the image thumbnail.

2. Select 'Open with' from the menu that appears.

3. Select 'Preview' from the 'Open With' drop-down list.

4. Now, from your screen's top line menu bar, select Tools > Inspector

5. In the pop-up information window, click the Page icon

6. Read the dimensions and DPI shown and compare to the above table. 

We Are Here To Help!

Any image you send to us will be manually checked to ensure the image is of a high enough quality to print.  If we feel that your image will result in an inferior print, we will get in touch and provide advice and guidance on how to improve the image.

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