Imagine effortlessly integrating the benefits of walking into your busy daily routine without sacrificing valuable time. With our cutting-edge under desk walking treadmills you can shed unwanted pounds, improve your productivity and achieve a healthier version of yourself—all whilst getting your work done.

Our premium under desk walking treadmills are designed for regular use in the home or as an office treadmill. Their design is based upon treadmill units that are used in the commercial fitness industry. This high quality construction sets them apart from many of the lower-quality short lifetime imports that you will see on the market today.

At average walking speed, it will take you around 1 hour forty minutes per day to reach your 10,000 steps. Day in, day out, this is a lot of wear and tear on your under desk treadmill and your joints. We strongly believe that it is worth investing in a quality walking machine to provide the best possible experience for you and your health. Of course, a pleasurable walking experience also means that you are much more likely to stick to your routine and smash your fitness goals. 

The simple act of walking is the most versatile form of cardio exercise:

  • It is the easiest to maintain,
  • has the lowest fatigue levels,
  • burns calories and
  • places the lowest stress on your body.

Experience these benefits by using a walking treadmill to provide a massive increase in your daily activity whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing daily activities.  

under desk walking treadmill used with an integrated treadmill desk - front view

Walking Treadmills - Our Ranges

Lifespan TR1200 under desk walking treadmill range

TR1200 Walking Treadmill Range

The TR1200 is an all round high quality under desk walking treadmill. It is suitable for home and office usage up to 6 hours per day. The 2.2 HorsePower electric motors allow walking speeds of up to 4 miles per hour and support a maximum user weight of 25 stones

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Lifespan TR5000 under desk walking treadmill range

TR5000 Walking Treadmill Range

The TR5000 is an under desk walking treadmill engineered for commercial office environments. It is suitable for a longer period of daily use (9 hours), supports a higher user weight (28.5 stones), has heavier duty motors (3.0 HorsePower), heavy duty belt & thicker deck

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