November 16, 2022 2 min read

Infrared Home Heating - The Benefits

Are you concerned about rising energy bills?  Is your health suffering as a result of dust, mould and dampness? Switching to infrared home heating can alleviate all of these issues. 

As if the arrival of winter isn't bad enough, at the same time, energy bills are rising and along comes the inevitable sneezes which habitually arrive when the central heating is turned on.

Healthier Heating

Whilst there isn't much you can do to eliminate winter colds, you can improve dust related health issues by swapping your central heating to a more efficient and healthy form of heating. Infrared heating does not rely on air movement, so it does not launch dust and germs where they aren't wanted.  Good news indeed for allergy sufferers.

Damp and Mould Reduction

The benefits don't end there!  Infrared home heating creates a drier and healthier environment, which helps to eradicate mould and reduce dampness.  Mould is  a silent killer and living in a damp environment isn't pleasant for anyone.

Energy Efficient - Saving You Money

INFRARED HOME HEATING IS ENERGY EFFICIENT & SUPER FAST TO WARM YOU. It is safe to use, easy to install and looks so much better than traditional heating systems. What is infrared home heating?

Near Instant Heat - Forget the Warm-Up!

Forget the traditional 30 minutes to an hour it usually takes for conventional central heating to warm your room.  With infrared heating you will feel the warmth within seconds.  Imagine the warmth you feel when the sun is on you, that's what the heat from panel heaters feels like.  However, unlike the sun, you can control the temperature at the click of a button and turn it up and down.

Unlike central heating, storage heaters and fan heaters, which heat the air in the room, infrared heats objects directly without heating the air between them.  This means walls, ceilings, floors and you!  Once the objects around you are warm, they will retain the heat for a period of time which means the infrared panels are only needed to maintain the temperature at this level.

Maintenance? What Maintenance!

The good news doesn't end there.  Once installed, there is no regular maintenance to be carried out - except the occasional wipe with a cloth.  No servicing, no painting and the panels don't need bleeding or flushing.  All this means yet more savings.

The bottom line is infrared heaters use up to 60% less energy than convection heating.

Good for the Planet Too

Infrared heating does not produce CO2.  Unlike convection heating it is powered by electricity.  If you combine it with a green electricity tariff, you can reduce your carbon footprint.There are different types of infrared heaters to suit the different rooms and applications in your house. 

Now that's Savv-e!

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