November 15, 2022 2 min read

What is Home Office Infrared Heating? 

Infrared is a completely natural part of the electromagnetic spectrum. When we come into contact with it, we feel it in the form of heat. Think of that first feel of the sun's heat on your skin as winter turns to spring - that's the radiant heat generated by infrared. Infrared heating works in exactly this way too. The heaters' infrared waves warm you (and other objects) when they make contact with them.  This is a form of heating that we are all used to - 100% safe and natural. It is the same as the natural infrared from the sun and not to be confused with the harmful UV that we also get from the sun. 

Infrared heats objects directly without heating the air between them. When used in your house, infrared panels will heat objects - not the air.  That means walls, ceilings, floors, and you. Once these objects are warm, they will retain the heat for a period of time - with the panels only needing to maintain the temperature at this level.

Traditional 'convection' heating (radiators, storage heaters and fan heaters) work by warming up the air in a room. This warm air is dissipated much more readily ("who left the door open!!") and of course, there is much more to heat by this method. Hot air rises too - if only we lived on the ceiling!

The result? Infrared space heaters use up to 60% less energy than convection heating to heat an equivalent space. 

Home Office Heating : Why are Infrared Panels Ideal?

Did you notice how your power bills increased when you started to work from home?

Combined with the rise in energy prices in April 2022 and the projected 80% increase for October 2022 (currently deferred due to the Energy Price Guarantee), this makes for eye watering reading. 

Typically, when working from home during the day, you only need heat the space you use to work plus optionally one other room (e.g. the kitchen). The problem with most house heating systems is that they don't allow you to do this easily. 

This is where infrared heating comes in. With the easy installation of the appropriate sized infrared panel(s) in each of your daytime rooms, you can then thermostatically control the temperature of that room without needing to heat the whole room. Not only will this cut your consumption, and therefore bills - but infrared heating is also significantly more efficient than most conventional heating systems. Oh, and you feel the heat within 30 seconds of turning it on. Perfect for those unexpected callouts to your home office. 

Infrared heating is available in a range of different styles. We have something for every taste and budget.  View our range. 

Now that's Savv-e!

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