The Benefits Of Infrared Heating Explained 

Energy Efficient

Uses up to 60% less energy than a traditional convection radiator & much more controllable

Money Smart

Up to 60% cost saving compared to electric convection heaters

Healthier Natural Heat

Infrared is a natural occurring form of radiant heat and doesn't circulate dust aggravating allergies

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional boilers - no servicing required 

Heat from the Sun - Infrared

Infrared Heating Is Energy Efficient & Super Fast to Warm You

Infrared heats objects directly without heating the air between them.

So, when used in your house, that means walls, ceilings, floors, and you. You will feel the warmth within seconds, rather than the traditional 30 mins to an hour for the central heating to start to warm your room.

Once these objects are warm, they will retain the heat for a period of time - with the panels only needing to maintain the temperature at this level.

Traditional 'convection' heating (radiators, storage heaters and fan heaters) work by warming up the air in a room. This warm air is dissipated much more readily ("who left the door open!!") and of course, there is much more to heat by this method. Hot air rises too - if only we lived on the ceiling! The result:

  - Infrared space heaters use up to 60% less energy than convection heating to heat an equivalent space. Less energy means lower cost
  - Heat is felt within seconds, rather than hours!

The Health Benefits of Infrared Heating

Do you ever get the sneezes when the central heating goes on in the autumn?  Infrared heating does not rely on air movement, so it does not circulate dust and germs. It is, therefore, better for allergy sufferers.

Do you have problems with mould and damp?  Because it heats walls, floors and ceilings (rather than the air) - infrared heat creates a drier and healthier environment. This helps to eradicate mould and reduce dampness.

Do you want to play your part in helping  reduce our emissions into the environment?Unlike boilers and fuel burners - infrared heating is powered by electricity only - so it's use does not produce CO2. If you combine it with a green (renewable sources) electricity tariff, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Infrared Heated Picture - Pollination
Infrared Heated Picture - Pollination

Infrared Panels Look Great & Save Space

Is home style important to you? FAR infrared panels come in different models such as picture and glass. These look great and actually enhance your home rather than being a necessary blight on your interior landscape. Most people would not even know that they are heaters! Even the conventional white panels are discreet - at just 22mm thick, they are unobtrusive and can be mounted high up on the wall or on the ceiling so that they are less noticeable. 

Zero Maintenance & Easy to Install

As easy as hanging a picture

Infrared panels are easy to install - you can do this yourself.  All you need is a drill, screw-driver & spirit-level. Mark the position for the holes using the pre supplied template. Drill the holes, plug them & insert screws. You can now hang your panel. The panels are supplied fitted with a standard 3-pin plug. Easy! If you want to go that extra mile and hide the flex, it is a simple job for a qualified electrician to hard wire the panel into your mains electric circuit. 

Once installed, there is no regular maintenance to be carried out - except the occasional wipe with a cloth. No servicing, no painting & panels  don't need bleeding or flushing! There are no moving parts, meaning panels have incredibly high reliability rates. A typical lifespan is 100,000 hours (that's around 25 years). 

Infrared Heated Picture - Pollination

Next Generation Technology - Saving You Money

Choose a Nxt Gen panel to provide additional efficiency benefits.

Remote Control for Next Gen Infrared Picture Heater

Thermostatically Controlled Efficiency

3 features to help you cut your usage and bills

The integrated thermostatcontrols the temperature of the room by turning the panel on and off when needed. This ensures no heat is wasted. 

The remote control can set the  temperature for a 7 day schedule. Program it to only be on when you need it. Pair multiple panels to a single remote.

Adaptive start - tell the panel what temperature you would like by a set time - the panel will do the rest. Cold day - turn on earlier.Warm day - turn on later. Result - no wasted heatand the room just how you like it when you enter!

Window to Show Infrared Panel Open Window Control

Open Window Technology

Saving energy, saving money

Nxt Gen technology IR panels will detect if you have opened a window and will avoid energy waste by turning off automatically

Help your pocket by avoiding waste. 

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