Masta Standing Desk With Anthracite Sherman Oak Desktop from Savv-e Work

How to Choose a Standing Desk - What to Consider Before Buying 

Pacto Standing Desk With Anthracite Sherman Oak Desktop from Savv-e Work

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Masta Standing Desk With Anthracite Sherman Oak Desktop from Savv-e Work

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What to Consider When Choosing a Sit Stand Desk

Desk based workers can spend between 5 & 10 hours each day sitting. This has increased further with the advent of large scale home working. In a home environment, the same desk may be used for non-work activities - for example gaming. When considering a height adjustable desk, it's important to understand the difference between available options. Not all standing desks were created equal. They vary significantly in key attributes & this drives price. It is important to make the right choice to meet your needs. 

Savv-e Work Sit Stand Desk With Electronic Control


Speedy Operation

Faster elevation needs higher quality motors (dual or triple) and good quality frames. You may be raising and lowering your desk at least once an hour - 20 operations over a 10 hour working day.

Wheelchair User Sitting at Standing Desk from Savv-e Work


Good Height Range

You want your desk to last - so you need to ensure it can meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Who will be using the desk? Consider children to tall adults and accessibility for wheelchair users. 

Savv-e Work Standing Desk Noise Levels


Smooth and Quiet Operation

Movement should be smooth and fluid. Keep the coffee in the mug. No jerky, no spilly. Oh, and keep it quiet for you and your colleagues on the Zoom call sssssshhhhh! 


Choice of Styles

So that your desk blends in, you need a choice of good design options and the ability to customise it to its surroundings. For home workers, this is your domain.  Fit your style, no compromise.

Standing Desks from Savv-e Work Are Highly Stable


Stability at Load

The load a desk can take is a good indicator of stability. You want it to be stable when you're leaning on it at full height, so consider how much weight it needs to bear: desktop, laptop, screens - it all adds up.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk from Savv-e Work in Use By an Artist



Make sure that your desk has enough space to accommodate what you need. Our straight desks come in a range of sizes, and we also have L shaped options (corner desks) in a number of our ranges. 

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