Design Led Ergonomic Desks & Tops - Made From Quality Sustainable Materials

Our flagship Pinnacle range of standing desks & tops are manufactured in Europe. We work with carefully selected partners with over 40 years of experience making high end sit stand furniture & desk tops. The Savv-e Pinnacle range is: 

Made From Premium Material

✨ Using only the finest materials from Europe, our frames are made from renowned top quality 25% recycled Swedish steel and motors.  This high-quality steel, is powder coated and assembled in Sweden.  

✨ Desk top materials are sourced sustainably from the UK and manufactured in the UK. By choosing our desk tops, you support sustainable forestry practices whilst enjoying the assurance of exceptional quality. Beautifully finished, our desk tops boast stunning aesthetics, complementing your workspace while serving as a testament to the natural beauty of responsibly sourced wood.

✨The motors are seamlessly integrated, culminating in a robust and high-performing standing desk.  Meticulous attention to detail ensures every joint, weld and, and component is flawlessly integrated for maximum stability and longevity.

✨The small details define quality. All of our desks have pre-drilled tops and quality steel inserts and fixings for the frame and accessories to fit to the tops. This ensures the highest level of sturdiness, ease of assembly and longevity.  

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly  

Each element of a Pinnacle desk is crafted with sustainability in mind, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet:

✨ Our desk tops are made from FSC materials, sourced from FSC-Accredited Forests in the UK, exemplifying our commitment to responsible wood sourcing

✨ Our frames use 25% recycled steel

✨ Our motors are low energy (less than 0.3W standby power and low energy draw)

✨ Quality components as are sourced as locally as possible to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation. Our finished desks are held and shipped from the UK and the tops and frames are held in bulk. This ensures that we can fulfill orders by the next working day with a lower transportation carbon footprint.

✨ We use sustainable packaging, which is 99.9% plastic free. It is bio-degradable, uses no harmful toxins and is easily re-used or recycled. 

Design Led

You are likely to spend a significant amount of time with your desk over many, many years. For this reason, we believe passionately that it is worth investing in comfort, ergonomics, style and quality. Your desk should look good in it’s environment and should help make you feel good too - helping increase your productivity and your sense of well-being whilst working. The Savv-e Pinnacle range has been designed with each of these elements as a core principle.

Good design does not stop at the practical and aesthetic aspects of your desk. We are advocates of Sit-Stand working because it has positive benefits for your health and helps to combat the negative effects of our increasingly sedentary existences. However, the first hurdle is being able to change your working habits (built over a lifetime) to embrace standing whilst you work. Many people find this a challenge once the initial novelty has worn off. For this reason, we are rolling our a smart controller and accompanying app through our range. This will help you to adapt progressively to sit stand working in a goal driven manner, and will even measure the success you are having. 

What About Cheaper Standing Desks?

You will be able to find cheaper standing desks on the market today. There is a trade off between quality and price. That trade off typically affects longevity, quality of manufacture, stability, functionality and design. Cheaper alternatives are typically not manufactured to the same levels of quality, will require top fixing with self tapping screws (weaker join) and carry a significantly higher carbon footprint due to manufacturing practices and increased transportation requirements. In some cases, they may also not follow all UK / EU regulations. As a quick test of quality, check:

  • the length of the guarantee that they are supplied with, 
  • the max even load (a measure of the sturdiness of the desk) 
  • the speed that the desk elevates (an indicator of the quality of the frame design and materials), and 
  • the desk height range : when mass producing at lower quality, the range is typically reduced in order to lower manufacturing costs. This is at the expense of those who may use the desk at lower or higher levels (for example children, disabled people, and short / tall people). 

Quality Counts

Investing in our European-made sit-stand desk or desk top means investing in longevity.  Our range is built to withstand the test of time, offering unrivalled durability and reliability for years of consistent performance. Our 5 year guarantee covers all components and is testament to the confidence that we have in the quality of our products.

European style & quality with respect for your environment and added assistance to help make your move to sit stand working a success - now that's Savv-e.

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