September 28, 2021 3 min read

Are you sure about that or are you really just being Mr Brightside? 

In March 2020, the way that many of us work changed forever. This was a disruptive change.  One week we were working in a tried and tested manner, slowly evolving over time, the next week we were scrabbling for office space at home, faced with endless video calls and increased screen time. We faced a new set of challenges our ability to work, and to our ability to be effective in our roles: 

  • kitchen tables doubled as desks
  • monitor stands were hastily built from boxes 
  • scarves,  blankets, joggers and shorts became the new office wear
  • houses were tested as never before - we became much more aware of our space and whether it was working for us
  • we worked closer to the fridge than ever before
  • loss of effectiveness due to lack of time to think through the change and adapt, loss of status for some (screens are a much more level playing field)
  • the effects on individuals built up over time - physical and mental effects due to more sedentary and isolated working 

    Humans are incredibly resilient. We reacted and adapted.  We got through better than anyone would have expected at the outset. 

    Roll forward to our new reality in 2021 - we are emerging on the other side into a changed world embracing hybrid and remote working. We have experienced benefits - both to our own work/life balance - but also to our precious planet that we all need to learn to cherish more and protect as we move forward. However, the change has also created challenges for many....

    • New aches and pains
    • Feeling sluggish and gaining weight
    • Lack of motivation
    • Feeling less effective, dis-organised
    • Off your 'A' game? Some traditional strengths won't transfer to the new world without change - networking, workshopping, collaboration, ability to read a room / situations
    • Too hot / too cold - leading to inflated household bills 
    • Work taking over my house - losing your own space and the feeling of relaxation that it brings
    • Work / life balance - actually working harder and longer

        The benefits are real but need an intentional approach to realise them:

        • you can double up activities that used to take place in work or out of work to give you time back in your day
        • by planning which activities you will perform in which location you can increase focused time
        • you can bring your home and work lives together, you challenging traditional boundaries to find a blend that works to release a whole new set of benefits
        • you can personalise your working environment like never before

          We are passionate about these changes here at Savv-e Work and are here to understand them and to offer solutions. We will do this by:

          • Offering an eCommerce store with a difference - focusing on the problems and opportunities brought by remote or hybrid working. We will offer a range of product solutions that will help our customers to integrate work and home lives
          • Being passionate about style and ensuring that work and home lives can be integrated in a way that still leaves us with our personal space, furnished in a way that reflects the way we want to live. Nobody wants to live in the office
          • Caring about our planet in everything we do. We will invest a percentage of our profits into green initiatives & build our business operating model accordingly
          • Where we find a solution for you, we are committed to providing it with the best level of service 

          Now is the time to stop and think - have you planned for and embraced the change, or are you still in re-active mode?

          • Humans are visual creatures - we take signals from all kinds of things.  Take  some time to think this through - is the way you are working and the image you are projecting right for you? 
          • How do you feel since you have been working remotely - both physically and mentally? 
          • What would you like to change?

          Open up my eager eyes, 

          'Cause I'm Mr Brightside


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